If you are being affected by the fires and need a place to take horses or other large animals:

Call or Text : 818-974-2591 / 818-903-4400 / 818-257-0551

  • Animal Hope and Wellness is past the blockade and is pulling animals out of at risk homes.

  • Text their emergency number 424-248-7458 if your pet is still in your home.

  • The Humane Society of Ventura County @hsvc ojai is in need of supplies and donations.

  • Deity Dogs + Goods @deityanimalrescue will be accepting donations and supplies to deliver to shelters at their location: 148 S Doheny Dr Beverly Hills, CA

  • Local shelters in need of donations: Castaic Animal Shelter, East Valley Animal Shelter, West Valley Animal Shelter.

Saving Animals, One Heart At A Time”

Welcome to Emmy'’s Hope. A community for animals and the people that love them. Take a look around, you might just find a forever friend. We hope you enjoy your visit.

At first glance Emmy is your typical 11 year old girl. She loves arts and crafts, school, swimming and of course shopping. But what you will soon discover is that Emmy is an exceptional young lady with a deep love for the health and welfare of all animals. If she could save each and every animal she would. Even if that meant bringing them into her own home. One year for Christmas when asked what she wanted from Santa she replied “I want to create a charity to help homeless animals”. And this is how Emmy’s Hope came to be. For years now Emmy and her family have been visiting local animal shelters and providing them with their wish list of supplies to help the local animals. Hand delivering them, often staying for hours on end to help distribute them. Truly a selfless act of kindness.

Make a Difference

Your donation will help Emmy’'s Hope provide much needed supplies to local animal shelters. Blankets for cold nights, food for empty bellies and sometimes just the touch of a warm hand makes all the difference. You can help make a difference.

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Saving Animals, One Heart At A Time”

A community for animals and the people that love them.